Musicians Without Borders


Musicians Without Borders and the Leeds School of Arts, part of Leeds Beckett University, brings a new training program to Leeds.  D3 is participating in the training to develop new skills.

Course content includes:

1. Practical working principles that guide MWB’s music leadership methodology: Safety, includsion, equality, creativity, and quality.

2. Principles of non-violence: Music has the power to connect but in the wrong hands can be used to set one group against another. Training will emphasise a clear set of values behind practical work.

3. Biological, social and psychological effect of music: how music can influence human behaviour on this level. Training will connect music to the nervous system and the says it can counter feelings of dysregulation caused by trauma, disconnection and extreme experience.

4. Practical approaches to running various types of community music/outreach workshops with a focus on working with people who have experienced displacement and/or trauma.

I’m really enjoying it so far – watch this space! I’ll let you know how the rest of the training goes!