D3 Reflects on A Hip Hop Journey: Celebrating 50 Years of Kulture

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I’m beyond excited to share some incredible news – yours truly, D3, is featured in the exhibition, ‘A Hip Hop Journey: 50 years of Kulture,’ at the Leeds City Museum! 

Curated in collaboration with the dedicated Hip Hop Historian Society, this exhibition is set to mark the 50th anniversary of the first block party and the birth of the hip hop culture. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of the essence and values that have fuelled the movement for half a century.

Leeds City Museum is transforming its space to take visitors through a dynamic series of recreated rooms, showcasing how people experience Hip Hop – from the cozy vibes at home to the buzzing energy of record stores and the electric atmosphere of gig venues. It’s an immersive experience that captures the spirit of the culture.

I am honoured to be among the talented artists and influential figures from Leeds and Yorkshire who have shaped the city’s Hip Hop narrative. From legendary acts like Nightmares on Wax and Breaking the Illusion to underground heroes like LSK, Braintax, Skinnyman, Tommy Evans, Jehst, Part2ism, and New Flesh – it’s a testament to the rich tapestry of talent in our community.

The exhibition runs from July 28, 2023, to March 24, 2024. Pop down to Leeds City Museum, witness the evolution of Hip Hop, and celebrate 50 years of Kulture. 

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