5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block


It doesn’t matter how seasoned a writer you are, you will find times when you can’t think of what to write about or from what angle – the dreaded writer’s block! I have used a few techniques over the years to break through that block, so I will share common causes and my 5 top tips with you.

Common causes

– Timing: Maybe you are not in the right mental space to write yet.  You may need to keep mulling over your ideas for a bit longer. That’s okay. Write down what ideas you have so you don’t forget them and go do something else (see below).

– Fear: The F word! So many writers struggle because of fear. Having the confidence to create a piece of writing for everyone to see and critique. Fear is the main reason some people never become writers. I was told something in a writing workshop in the U.S.A that has stuck with me always; ‘You have to write SOMETHING for it to be s**t’. True story.

– Perfectionism: If you are anything like me, you won’t want to put anything on paper until it’s perfect. What is the right first line? The answer is – it doesn’t matter – it’s your creation, you can change it around later if you want to. Don’t forget, writing is re-writing!

Here are my favourite solutions to break through the block:

– Do some exercise to wake up all corners of the body. I like to do Yoga, but you can pick what you like. Fresh blood to the brain works wonders.

– Do something simple to clear your mind and allow for fresh thoughts to pop in. I like to do adult colouring books.

– Go for a walk or change your environment. Look around for inspiration from your environment.

– Sit somewhere and people watch, this is a favourite of mine. Think about the types of people you see may be. What kind of life do they live? See where your imagination takes you – have fun – it’s only in your mind.

– Brainstorm ideas in bullet points. Think of topics and how you feel about them and see if there is something you can construct there.

– Write a piece of Nonsense poem. Describe yourself or someone else in the most impossible way. It doesn’t need to be accurate in fact, it could be the total opposite of you. It should be whimsical, nothing too serious – but make sure you have fun with it – it’s just for you!

I hope you found these tips useful.

Have a great time creating!

D3 x

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